Tuesday, December 9, 2008


As some of you may have heard, a bank actually decided that Steve and I were responsible adults, lent us a disgusting amount of money, of which we were able to purchase a home. Being 2 quite impatient people, the purchasing process was long and arduous and only about 6 months. After lots of negotiations, we barely cashed in on our loan only 2 weeks before the market crashed. If something else would have gone wrong, I doubt our loan would have gone through. After what is supposed to be one of the best and greatest moments of your life, purchasing your first home, we were drained like a can of Coors Original.

On the Night of "Shit, we actually own a freakn' house. I hope it doesn't burn down" Steve and I were starting to pack up our apartment, and we went out for dinner around 9pm. We were sitting in the car in the parking lot, and 2 girls walk out of their apartment to go out and were dressed like sex and fried chicken. They both were in their black little tank tops and skinny "Rock and Republic" designer dreams, and it took me back. It took me back to preciously 2 years ago when I was 10 pounds lighter and able to wear skinny - ok, not designer, but Banana Repbulic on sale - jeans. And I was able to wear those jeans without muffin toppping. At that time in my life I would go out nearly every night and look for a boyfriend, a relationship, a chance to fullfill that need for the "other half." With every failed attempt, I would get shit-faced, making my chances of a realtionship even more slim, leaving me only to make out with random strangers - one time a street vendor - in dark corners of bars.

So here I am sitting in the car with my wonderful man, purchasing our first home, and I realized that I got what I always wanted. Only now all I really want to do is go out and get shit-faced. and be able to fit in my skinny jeans.

But I just bought a house. I can't spend $40 on a round of shots! I need to buy smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and trash cans.

Now being in our home for 4 months, I realize all of that hard work was worthwhile. Just the other morning I woke up and Steve was the first thing I saw, and it made me so happy that I said, "I don't know what part of your body is smelling, but I can smell it from here." And he said, "Why don't we play a game called 'Find Which Part of my Body is Smelling.'"


Loren said...

You're leaving us hanging. Which body part was it?

Jonathan said...

Lucky. You get to see Steve everyday when you wake up. When are we buying our duplex?